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Best CAD Drafting Company in Australia

CAD drafting is one of the most prominent service that is used for architectural and construction purposes. CAD which stands for computer aided design is a widely used technique all over the world. It has reformed the entire industry by upgrading its drafting procedure. With the introduction of CAD in this sector, the AEC related works has become better in quality and precision.

CAD drafting is responsible for taking the architectural, engineering and construction works to a greater level. This has been a value addition factor to the entire industry and to all the countries wherever CAD Drafting works its magic.

In the last few years CAD drafting services in Australia has gained immense prominence. It is widely used throughout the country for all kinds of building projects in Perth (Western Australia), Adelaide (South Australia), Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (New South Wales), Canberra (ACT), Brisbane and Gold Coast (Queensland). The constructions are effectively incomplete with PDF to CAD solutions and so are many of the architectural works. CAD forms the basis of the industry. And to have an efficient and effective impact of CAD, there are certain CAD standards that are followed throughout the country. These standards are the thing that differentiates the Australian building construction process from other countries.

Let’s begin with understanding what standards are and why is it important to have certain standards?

Standards are a crucial part for effective communication in the engineering and construction jobs. Their major role is to provide a single language to all that will set a certain level of quality and security. If there is a set standard that is used in a process, the cost decreases and along with the cost even the training process becomes easier. The standards makes it possible to fabricate an item and use it in any location within a boundary. The common standard for all make it possible in this case.

When talking about standards it is important to keep in mind that standards can be short or extensively long but the main thing about them is their expertise. Standards are created by professionals who are skilled and experts in their areas.

CAD drafting standards are applicable to almost all the processes and settings, which are mentioned below:

  • • CAD storage
  • • CAD file naming
  • • Templates
  • • Title
  • • Symbols
  • • Layout
  • • Plot styles
  • • Borders
  • • Layers
  • • Dimensions
  • • Texts

A particular company or the job that is needs to be done should adhere to the followed industry standards of the nation. The aim of having standards is that it should be clearly understood and utilized in the works. It promotes consistency and productivity to both the work and the professional who is using it.

CAD Drafting in Australia

Australia's Best CAD Drafting Company

As it is mentioned that CAD happens to be a crucial building factor for the Australian engineering and architectural sector. And so does the Australian standards.

The technical standards in the country are immensely high and are ruled by organizations that forms them. The standards are published after a lots of brainstorming and discussion. They meet the codes and basic guidelines of the industry.

There is an organization called standards Australia who develop and produce standards for a number of areas. Their main concern is the engineering standard formation.

The Australian standard- AS 1100 is a technical drafting and drawing standard developed by standards Australia. It is used for both architectural and mechanical designs. The components that is present in AS 1100 has significant value all over Australia. It has been bringing a significant change in how the system works an effects the outcome.

This standard come in 6 parts which are:

Part 101: General principles- 1992
Part 201: Mechanical engineering drawings- 1992
Part 301: Architectural drawings- 2008
Part 401: Engineering survey and engineering survey design drawing- 1984
Part 501: Structural engineering drawing- 2002

Apart from that there is ISO (International organization for standardization) who is responsible for creating a list of drafting standards for 163 member countries. There are certain technicalities that the standards comes with. They help with the making of metric drawings and other technical stuffs that is used while working on different software including CAD.

The most important of all is the CADD skill standards. CADD (computer-aided drafting and design) is the parent to all the CAD standard creation and implementation in Australia. It has been developed alongside National occupational skill standards. It brings all the CADD specific skills that can be used in all kinds of CAD works pertaining to any sector. It makes the use of CAD software more easy and appropriate.

The presence of so many standard development organizations makes it obvious how important are standards from the technical point of view. But the most necessary thing in drafting is to be skilled enough to use the standards and produce the drafts efficiently. CAD drafting in Australia has taken all the advanced technologies to its benefits and the result thus has been on a high. The drafting procedure entirely depends on the professionals executing that and the company behind it. But the standards are the result of a stringent planning.

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