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IM电竞登录 has expertise in Facade BIM Services in the very early stage of the building process.

IM电竞登录 providing Facade BIM Services for urban infrastructure, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hotels, resorts, skyscraper, apartments, and commercial buildings to give façade design technology and advantages of Building Information Modeling Services. Our façade BIM modeler expert in developing detailed 2D or 3D drawings and 3D to 5D BIM models for assistance in building data, components, material fabrication process and cost of materials. Our clients use our Facade BIM Services for the prefabricated metal, aluminum curtain walling system, structural glazing, metal composite panel cladding, metal canopies, doors & windows, and skylights.

IM电竞登录 has experienced Façade BIM Coordinator, Engineer, Detailing, Drafting, Drawing which makes us leading Façade BIM Consultant. BIM for Building Façade also known as Curtain Wall BIM, Storefront BIM, Building Envelope BIM. Our BIM Façade Solution include 3D Façade Modeling, Cladding BIM, Wall Cladding BIM, Façade Elements Modeling, Construction Façade Modeling, Façade Shop Drawings, Storefront Shop Drawings, As-built Façade Modeling, Façade BIM Coordination, etc.

Facade panels become very complex in shape, size, and appearance with the evolution of new technologies and materials. Engineers can tackle this to a great extent by using our Façade Revit Modeling Services. Our facade modeling services help facade technology to communicate and coordinate between designers, fabricators, contractors, and installers with system analysis, construction planning, and management. So, you can understand the importance of facade bim for improvements in technical performance and constructability of buildings. Email Us Know more about our BIM Services
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Our Facade BIM Services include

Curtain Wall BIM

Storefront BIM

Building Envelope BIM

3D Façade Modeling

Cladding BIM

Façade Elements Modeling

As-built Façade Modeling

Façade BIM Coordination

Facade BIM Services
BIM Services

We offer excellent BIM services to architects, builders, contractors, designers, real estate professionals and retailers. IM电竞登录 is an experienced offshore Facade BIM Service provider company. Our services are beneficial for work on residential to commercial projects.

The main advantages of Facade BIM Services as below:

  • BIM services can make 3D visualization improve the designs and details of volume, shapes, facades and exteriors.
  • Facade BIM produces accurate information which reduces errors and rework.
  • BIM can help in the improvement of profit and project delivery time.
  • Facade BIM helps the contractors and fabricators to properly understand the details and informations for process and installments.
  • Facade BIM services give 3D visualization to ensure the component places and data.

Our BIM experts understand the requirements of clients and then start the work on Facade BIM projects. You can mail us on for inquiry or any further information.

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