What should you keep in mind as a freelance SketchUp modeler?

Freelance SketchUp Modeler
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SketchUp is a great way to give a project the right amount of visual experience. It adds value to the building project. Nowadays, many professionals are choosing SketchUp over any other software for the ease of use and variety of functions that SketchUp offers.

One of the most promising areas of SketchUp modeling is the scope of freelancing. If you are well aware of SketchUp and its functions, you can use your skills in freelancing. Freelancing provides you with the right source of income along with flexibility.

This blog is the right place to start with if you are already a freelance SketchUp modeler or are planning to diversify your work scope.

Freelancing can be of different types. You can be directly associate with an individual or a company. It depends on you and your SketchUp works that what kind of projects you take on.

Direct association with clients

For a new freelancer, the best option is to offer your architectural modeling services to an individual client. The clients involved in the residential and commercial projects keep on needing SketchUp models. And they prefer hiring an individual for the same.

This particular type will allow you to use your skills and creativity with a larger scope. You will be able to contact and communicate with the client directly.

Work for a company

There will be instances where you can provide freelance SketchUp modeling to a company which are already in this sector. They get numerous such projects that require SketchUp experts. If you are great with the software the chances of your selection are much better. These companies will provide you with more experience in terms of challenges and complexities. You can grow as a modeler better with such projects.

Freelance SketchUp Work
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The process of offering freelance SketchUp modeling:

If you are new to the freelancing business it becomes very important to have clarity in the whole process. It will help to better understand your clients about the kind of work you are offering to them.

There are going to be few steps that are necessary to follow if you are a newbie in the freelancing field of SketchUp modeling.

1. Details of the project

You have to send them a list of things you need to get started, e.g. the floor plans, images, material specifications, etc. The delivery method needs to be instructed which can be through Google drive, dropbox, or through the website.

2. Quotation

You need to provide the client with a proper quotation stating the turnaround time and pricing. After the green signal from the client side, an agreement will need to be signed as per the requirement.

3. Begin with the actual work

After the signing of the contract/agreement, the job needs to start. Collection of accurate modeling information is required. You will need to constantly check with the client and keep updating the information and other details. Keep a proper note of each of the details. Use the SketchUp software efficiently to develop the whole model. Use the details in proper order and create a comprehensive model. Get client feedback and ask them more questions to make sure that the progress is as per their requirement.

4. Provide initial drawings

It is important that you provide the initial modeling details to the clients. Reviewing them would be a part of the feedback process. You can send them a grayscale drawing as well. Make sure that it contains a watermark and is not of high resolution. It will ensure that the client’s expectations are incorporated into the models.

5. Scope for revisions

You will get feedback on revision. Afterwards, you can complete the entire model with the right specifications and details. You are now ready to create a high-resolution SketchUp model.

6. Delivery of the final model

The SketchUp model is delivered to the client through the designated method and the fees will be paid after this.

Following these steps would ensure that you start in a proper systematic manner. Initiating the whole process with the right mind and perspective will also help you to build your base in this field. The rest will be done with the quality you provide with your models.

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