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IM电竞登录 providing BIM Services for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering Services.

IM电竞登录 is BIM Outsourcing company that offers best solutions for MEP BIM Services needs. Our experienced team of MEP engineers and BIM experts are developing MEP BIM models with the international industrial codes and standards of construction and safety. Our focus to create accurate MEP models for construction firms and MEP contractors to install MEP systems with best strategic planning as per their project requirements. We are providing MEP engineering services to the school, university, plants, residential, commercial, industrial buildings and other various sectors. We worked with global construction companies, engineering consultants and MEP contracting firms.

We have experts team of BIM, MEP engineers and Architects for work on international Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing as well as HVAC modeling services. They are expert to handle Architectural and Structural drawings during MEP BIM modeling and coordination process includes BIM clash detection. The detailed design can be converted into 3D Modeling with LOD 300 Revit model. That is analyzed based on a specific system with constructability review, clash detection and coordination, design optimization performed. Our specialized BIM team generates a series of RFI's to identify missing information or documents, input inconsistencies, conflicting data, accessibility issues, operation clearance, the feasibility of support systems for constructability and operational issues. BIM model is updated as per RFI response. The status of all RFIs is maintained and follow-up to resolve them. Email Us Know more about our BIM Services
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Our MEP BIM Services include

3D MEP Modeling

MEP Collision detection

MEP Shop Drawings

Revit MEP drafting

4D MEP BIM Services

MEP Coordination Services

MEP Detailed Section Views

Construction Site Modeling

MEP HVAC BIM Modeling Services
BIM Services

Building Information Modeling is a very important prospect for MEP firms. The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services are the addition of the building services. BIM is the 3D modeling process to understand all components by all. BIM can help MEP company to improve accuracy and reduce time and money with clash detection at an early stage. With the help of BIM, MEP firms can reduce and resolve the clashes and make efficient building system design. MEP BIM helps engineer and construction teams to collaborate, share details and speed up project delivery.

The main benefits of MEP BIM services as below:

  • BIM is a 3D model-based process to help MEP experts for accurate design, details and building documents.
  • BIM helps MEP professionals in reducing the risk and clashes to make accurate outcomes.
  • BIM is cost-effective to minimize the rework and reduce the waste of time.
  • BIM helps MEP engineers to analyze the building systems.

Our MEP Engineering team understand the requirements of clients and then start the work on MEP BIM Services. You can mail us on for inquiry or any further information.

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