Our Business

We are the sub division of Chudasama Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd.; Established in the year 2008, and we have been certified as India’s top 500 startups companies . We are a Team of 20+ architectures, engineers, technicians and draftsman. We are expertise in architectural, construction and industrial outsourcing, project management and have worked with more than 2000 clients globally.

We always make sure to satisfy our client with the best of our work assuring the quality, time and cost. We have a very simple plan to execute the project and make the work smooth at both the ends. Communication at both the ends is very powerful and frequent to make the entire process and project work out successfully.

Key Personnel

Under the leadership of Mr. Chandresh Chudasama, founding director of IM电竞登录 Pvt Ltd, a global architectural outsourcing service provider production studio based in India, Asia. His extensive experience of 15+ years in the architectural and structural domain cater to their client's satisfaction and expected output. He believes in providing values in exceeding the client's expectations.

Chandresh Chudasama - CEO

Message from the CEO

Our main goal is to GROW and ADVANCE with the clients. In response to our clients trust, IM电竞登录 will continue to deliver the best Architectural and Structural services. Extending our utmost sincere gratitude to our clients for their continuing support for our company, we are here today thanks to the confidence and trust you have in us. Our aim to become a global leading company that provides the best value to our customers.

Chandresh Chudasama
Founder & CEO, IM电竞登录

Life at IM电竞登录

Life at IM电竞登录 is dynamic and fun where people love to work. Our organization has hard-working people, but it also strives to provide sufficient opportunities for our people to enjoy themselves.

IM电竞登录 in India provides a supportive work culture to employees by launching some good policies. There is a lot of openness to discussing new ideas with the help of senior executives is very encouraging. We respect and value of an individual working team with our healthy work environment. Many good practices and initiatives are being offered by several branches that can be replicated in the organization.

Ready to work with us?

We establish long-term business relationships with our customers and are committed to complete customer satisfaction. We would love to know about your next project.

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