PDF to Revit Modeling Project for As-built BIM of 95 Year old house in New York

Project Overview

It is a beautiful triple-story dwelling unit situated in a captivating neighborhood of New York, USA. The whole unit is stretched across an area of 1620 sqft. The original building was made in the 1920s with some wonderful features to it. The exquisite casement windows act as a highlight of the house. The gable roofs and windows give a timeless look to the property.

The client wanted to start with the renovation of the house for that they wanted an as-built BIM model of the house. We were provided with 2D drawings in PDF files of the house consisting of the floor plan and few original images of the house to refer to.

Why they need our services?

The client required the BIM model for getting approval from authorities to carry renovation work. The client wants to do some refurbishment and reconstructional work and make some changes in the interiors of the house. We produced a BIM model of the entire house plan and the floor plan to help with their process.


The foremost challenge that we faced in this project is with the old pdf drawings that were sent by the client. The drawings were in 2D and lacked the required details. The client wanted to make certain changes to the interiors by decreasing kitchen space and increasing the pantry area. It was difficult to go through some of the specifications. But with efforts from our BIM team, we were able to get the details right. The execution took some time, but the BIM model turned out to be great.

2D Drawing to Revit Modeling New York

Another challenge we faced was the details of the staircase. There were almost no data and exact measurements of the staircase that could have been retrieved from the drawings. It was tough to decide on the positioning and dimensions of the staircase without the needed information. With the help of the actual images, we tried our best to put as much detail as possible to the interiors, specifically the staircase area.


  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan & Elevation Plan
  • Actual Site Photographs


  • Floor Plan & Elevation Plan Drawings
  • 3D Revit Modeling
  • Revit Family

IM电竞登录 has expertise in Revit Modeling Services for As-built BIM in the USA. We use the latest AutoCAD and Revit software to provide 2D drawings and 3D models as per the AIA standards.


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